About us


Welcome to Agile EQ,  the home of all things Agile and Lean.  A place where continuous improvement, customer focus and respect for people is guaranteed.

I’m David Leach, a coach, mentor, experienced people manager and skilled leader.

I’ve spent my entire career in and around digital technology and have been lucky to have worked in some top companies including Argos, easyJet, Debenhams and Office Depot to name but a few.

I have held numerous positions giving me a breadth and depth that can support the needs of any business, team and individual.  Able to support and lead with the creation and improvement of teams, the recruitment of top talent and a desire to get the best out of others.  Able to manage, coach and mentor whilst bringing a leadership ability.

Working in engineering, operations, marketing, product, sales and digital teams, delivering customer centric solutions and leading products and services.

I have held senior positions in engineering and product and Agile coaching, so I bring practice along with the theory.

In 2011 after many years delivering change through custom governance, Waterfall, Prince2 and RUP approaches, I stumbled across something known as “Agile”.  A lot of the Agile principles really are common sense and what most companies will tell you they are following already.  It’s on closer inspection when you compare the culture, values and working environment against the Agile manifesto , you see that things aren’t quite as they seem.

Utilising the Agile principles, Lean and XP along with delivery frameworks like Scrum, several areas of improvement in the organisation are found.  It’s all about attitude, expecting risks, issues, dependencies and failure – this drives our continuous improvement.  We react to change.  You cannot plan everything so it’s how we react that is key.

There is a lot of theory with this Agile thing in the industry and this frustrates many.  We must understand there isn’t a one size fits all approach and its for each and every organisation to embrace Agile and give the teams the environment they need in which to succeed.

Motivated teams = Great products = Happy customers = Increased revenue



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