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The importance of performance

Speaking recently about the importance of Product Owners being aware of the importance of performance of products, not just based on more business focused KPIs but also from a technical perspective. Google in particular are ensuring that we ensure sites and apps perform well for users.

It’s complex though, we have to balance time to market, many different technologies and cost.

This video talks about things to consider.



Agile and strategic thinking – conference talk – London 2017

For those who were able to watch my first talk back in September 2016 this latest video is iteration 4 of the same subject matter, hopefully becoming more valuable.


Agile Success conference talk

My talk last year on Agile success. Linking strategy and vision to objectives and measures of success and how measures can impact behaviours. Behaviour defines culture so getting the right measures of success is crucial.




The balanced scorecard

A really well presented, succinct, factual and accurate overview of the use of the balanced scorecard.