The balanced scorecard

A really well presented, succinct, factual and accurate overview of the use of the balanced scorecard.



What to measure

A great discussion with Eric Ries and Alistair Croll on what things we should measure and how this influences behaviour.  We should be open and honest about failures and successes.  Vanity makes us feel better in the short term but means we will not be able to react, or not know how to react, to changes in our metrics.

Scrum vs Kanban

A great talk on Scrum and Kanban and the reasons why we use either or both.

Velocity gone bad, when Scrum is not Scrum


A great video by Ian Wermerling

Mapping a Value Stream to a Kanban Board

A great video on value mapping and kanban. How to map your AS IS and identify inefficiencies and waste in the process. How to remove delays and map your process onto a board.