Stuffing my face in the name of digital

Picture the scene, in fact no, just look at it below….

Walking across the Thames after a beer after work with a friend and off home to retrieve my dinner out of the dog. When alas I discover the trains are delayed. Damn Govia Thameslink!
What to do? Sit and wait 30mins for the next train? What a waste of time. So my hungry self decides to walk back across the river and take in the magic of London on a summers evening. 

At that moment I had a craving for burger, not just any burger, a gourmet burger. I looked on their mobile site to see if they did takeaway, I was inspired by a story of George Osborne having one delivered (that might have been Byron).

On pressing takeaway I was invited to download the app, 90 seconds later it was installed, almost brings a tear to the eye considering that would have taken all evening in the late 90s.

I registered on the app, got my card out my wallet and scanned it, all numbers were magically lifted into the app (ignoring the fact they didn’t have apple pay or paypal, having to get my card out, what a disgrace).
I chose a burger, camemburger as I’m a cheese fiend, and it detected my nearest GBK (only have 0.3miles to stagger) and paid using my previously scanned card. Even 3D secure wasn’t required for this transaction 🙂

My estimated time was a short while after I arrived so I used the facilities (needed due to the aforementioned beer). My burger arrived early at 20.30. 

I then headed off to the train station to inflict my disgusting burger eating on other innocent train passengers……Don’t look at me, I know I’m disgusting…….

God bless our connected world from turning a train delay into an efficient and delicious dinner, driven by digital.


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