London Lean coffee Holborn

Here you can find all the podcasts from our lean coffee sessions and the subjects discussed.
  •  November
Lean & Agile or Lean OR Agile
Agile and Marketing – planning and budgets
Scrum Masters and Stand-ups
Lean – So What!
Collaboration across development teams
Why do we still not talk about projects
  •  October
How to coach teams for true self organisation
Designers working in sprints
Existing research – how useful is it in validating a new problem?
When is it right to do a release?
  •  September
Skills mapping
Waste reduction
Coaching outside the team
  •  August 
Scrum Master or PM
Teams do well with cookies
Test Automation
  • July
Roadmaps good or evil
Measuring distractions
Finding a lean mentor
How to find co-founders
  •  June
PM vs SM vs DM
Reporting longer term progress
Risk Management
Testing regression and coverage
Agile conferences
  • May
Reporting on what has been tested
What is the minimum viable product
How far can we take autonomy
The hiring process within Agile

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