Standardisation to improve quality and consistency versus waste

Each morning I get up at 06:05.  I need to catch the 06:44 train and sit on the same seat as otherwise this affects my OCD.

To ensure this happens I have the below milestones:

06:05 Woken by alarm

06:15 Finished shower

06:25 Finished crumpets and drank some tea

06:33 Dressed

06:38 Cleaned teeth

06:40 Opening Front door (I live pretty close to the station)

This got me thinking as each morning given this tight time window I never really drink much of my tea.  I think even if I did have time to drink it all I would then need to go to the toilet on the train, this is a whole new world of fear.

So this half drank cup of tea, this always feels really wasteful.

We decided to experiment, what if we only made half a cup of tea?

We encountered several issues.  Firstly making half a cup isn’t standard so getting the right combination of sugar, milk and brewing time to achieve the same taste was very difficult.  Also it was easy to forget this non standard way of working and simply just make a full sized cup.

Even if we had a smaller cup, would it be possible to achieve the right taste.  Making 2 cups of different sizes with differing amounts of ingredients should be possible.  Its simply a case of the manufacturing process being Lean and constantly improving.  I’m not sure my wife yet gets it and thinks im mad but the amount of tea we waste each week does distress me.


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