London Lean coffee – January edition

So, every Thursday around London a fairly random bunch of Agile and Lean enthusiasts gather to discuss related

The topics are raised by the group, the atmosphere is relaxed and the coffee is subsidised, pretty amazing.

Ive been going to these for almost a year and have found them really valuable.

Like minded people meeting and being really open to sharing experience and ideas and offering great advice.

The lean coffees take place at four different locations so hopefully at least one should be convenient for all those who work in and around London.

London Lean Coffee

London, GB
247 members

Lean Coffee is a structured, but agenda-less meeting. Participants gather, build an agenda, and begin talking. Conversations are directed and productive because the agenda for…

Next Meetup

#LeanCoffee – West London (at Westfield, Shepherd’s Bush)

Thursday, Feb 26, 2015, 9:00 AM
2 Attending

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As a bit of a teaser the topics that we discussed at the most recent lean coffee are below:

Managing waste
The question was raised about how waste is tackled in teams…..

We talked about types of waste and what do the teams think of as waste. One experience was first tackling organisation/team specific distraction before using something like the 7 types of waste. Even using something simple like lego bricks……

Define waste only in terms of value – focus on the positive, lean aims to focus on value adding for the customer rather just simply being a waste removal activity. Waste is about process not people, some confuse lean with head count reduction and risk to job security, you tend not to get the best out of those in the organisation involved in the Lean process.

Use data to demonstrate waste and process efficiency/inefficiency. Practices such as Kanban can show Multitasking and its overheads on flow…….

Do Apple destroy continuous delivery

Potentially cadence is broken as Apple requires time to sign off app updates which is out if the control of the teams

This could affect the timeliness of feedback loops and the flow of sprints.

Use beta groups if possible
Infer feedback from Android releases
Use time in sprints to plan and incorporate feedback

Agile as a lone developer

Suggestion of using Kanban not scrum or XP as the idea of complex problem solving, cross skilling, standups, pair programming and self organising teams is a little harder as an individual.

Education of stakeholders is key to set expectations of discovery and potentially reacting to change to get a better outcome.

Collaboration, visibility and honesty are a great foundation.

Simple trello boards so stakeholders can keep updated anytime and adjust priorities.
Don’t get forgotten about – face to face updates are still important.
Are tests important? Maybe think about acceptance criteria.
Often to get regular feedback. Make sure what we are building is actually what the customer needs.


An important stat that one person used as the Focus factor – how many estimated points made it to the end of the sprint? A good way to capture scope change and value delivered against the original commitment.

Other ideas:
Communicating sprint blow out
Reporting as an education tool for the team and the wider business
Qual feedback from the teams and product owners


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